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Herpes -The Numbers Are In

Herpes -The Numbers Are In


Genital Herpes still carries somewhat of a social stigma and it may not be something one freely shares with friends. The fact is that Genital Herpes is quite common with approximately one million new cases per year in the uS alone.

Being diagnosed with Genital Herpes can be a challenge. Feelings of isolation, shame and unworthiness are common. And the subject of how to date when you have Herpes is a common one.

Rest assured, that even though Herpes is a life long infection, you are far from alone.

Genital herpes infections occur in about one of every four women in the United States. Men have a slightly lower rate at approximately one in every five men. That means we have about 50 million individuals in the US with genital herpes. That number is rising quickly with an estimated one million new cases per year.

Genital herpes is more prevalent than all other viral sexually transmitted diseases put together. Since a very low number, around 20 percent, know that they are infected it means that many millions are inadvertently infecting their partners with herpes.

While the disease is more contagious during an outbreak, the virus can be spread when there are no symptoms present at all.

After the initial episode, those infected with HSV-2 have an 80% rate of reoccurrence. Infections caused by HSV-1 have a lot lower risk of reoccurrence -about 50% will have a reoccurrence with 4-5 outbreaks per year being the average number.

While it can be tempting to self diagnose, using pictures found on the internet as a comparison, Herpes should be diagnosed by an experienced clinician utilizing proper testing.

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