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Herpes -The Numbers Are In

Herpes -The Numbers Are In


Author: Harold Ulvaeus

Genital Herpes still carries somewhat of a social stigma and it may not be something one freely shares with friends. The fact is that Genital Herpes is quite common with approximately one million new cases per year in the uS alone.

Receiving the diagnosis of genital herpes can be emotionally challenging with emotions of shame and isolation. And how does one date when having herpes?

Rest assured, that even though Herpes is a life long infection, you are far from alone.

In the United States about 20% of the adult population are infected with genital herpes. Somewhere around 50 million Americans. Breaking the statistics down, the rate for women is about one in four, and for men it is one in five.

Genital herpes is more prevalent than all other viral sexually transmitted diseases put together. Since a very low number, around 20 percent, know that they are infected it means that many millions are inadvertently infecting their partners with herpes.

It is a misconception that the disease is only infectious during an outbreak. While it is more contagious when blisters are present, the disease can be transmitted even when there are no symptoms at all.

Not everyone infected with the virus will have outbreaks after the initial episode. For those infected with the Herpes Simplex type 2 (HSV-2) virus approximately 80% will have at least one additional reoccurrence, and those infected with Herpes Simplex type-1 have only a 50% rate of reoccurrence. The average number of outbreaks is around 4-5 per year.

While Herpes does have a characteristic look, there are other conditions that have a similar appearance. If you suspect that you may have herpes, getting a proper diagnosis by a medical practitioner is the first step.

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