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Getting Rid of 6 Myths Surrounding Medical Shingles

Getting Rid of 6 Myths Surrounding Medical Shingles

Author: Anthony Galz


One of the important keys to getting the right treatment for medical shingles is knowing what the disease really is. Oftentimes, the myths surrounding medical shingles are the reason why some people may not get the right treatment.

Myth #1: Only old people get shingles.

Medical shingles seems to be common among old people who have not been vaccinated against chicken pox and who have had chicken pox before. This is only because the elderly often have weaker immune systems due to old age. The truth is that young people can have shingles too. Those who are at the highest risk of getting the disease are those who have had chicken pox in the past and are currently suffering from severe illness or conditions or taking medication that can affect the immune system.

Myth #2: Shingles is not contagious.

Although the really issue is the context of the statement, there has been a lot of debate on this statement. Strictly speaking, you cannot get medical shingles by just being around someone who has it. Those who have medical shingles did not get it from someone else. Having it means the dormant chicken pox virus in your spinal cord has been reactivated due to a weak immune system. People however who have never had chicken pox and have not been vaccinated can get sick of chicken pox if they come in direct contact with a person who has fresh shingles blisters.

Myth #3: It is alright not to get medical treatment for shingles.

It is a fact that shingles can disappear and heal on their own after a few weeks. It is not entirely proper however not to apply proper medication on medical shingles. Untreated severe cases of shingles can result in chronic or enduring pain especially among the elderly that can go on for a long time. Medical shingles can also lead to rare but serious complications that may affect the eyes, ears and brain.

Myth #4: Shingles can be treated at any point during the outbreak.

Naturally doctors will still try to do something for you even if you are at an advanced stage of shingles. It is a fact however that anti viral medication for shingles can work at their best when used early preferably within 2-3 days after the appearance of medical shingles rashes. The duration and pain of medical shingles can be reduced with early treatment.

Myth #5: Rashes are the number one sign to look out for.

Sometimes, people mistake the rashes in shingles as something else. The first real indication of shingles is pain followed by rashes or blisters. The pain prior to the outbreak is indicative that the condition is more than just a typical allergy episode.

Myth #6: You can prevent shingles 100% of the time.

One way of preventing shingles is by getting a chicken pox vaccination. Sometimes though, even immunization cannot protect you from the chicken pox and shingles virus. Once you have the virus, it will lie dormant in your system even if you get well from chicken pox. Once a trigger like a weak immune system happens, the virus will reactivate as shingles.

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