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Tips and Tactics For Cold Sores

Tips and Tactics For Cold Sores


Author: Denny Bodoh

Treating a cold sore effectively does not have to be difficult. Read this short article. You will enjoy fast cold sore relief using these easy, well-proven methods of treating a cold sore.

Treating a cold sore is not something you want to do very often. They are quite an interruption in your life no matter how good your treatment plan.

But you can greatly shorten the healing time and gain freedom much sooner by treating a cold sore quickly and correctly. Yes, your body will heal it but it takes too long that way.

Luckily cold sores are surface infections where you can easily get to them and apply effective treatments.

There are several stages of cold sores. Each stage requires a slightly different remedy for optimum success. Below are the main stages and the appropriate treatments.


The herpes virus that causes cold sores lives in the roots of your nerves. When active, this virus squirms to the surface through that nerve fiber. You feel it as a tingling, itching or burning sensation.

As soon as you feel this, apply ice or any cold object. The herpes virus hates this. This treatment alone can postpone - or even stop - cold sores from occurring.

Lysine supplements can be very helpful in stopping cold sores fast. Start taking them now through final healing.


Once the virus enters the surface nerve cells, your cold sore begins to develop. Painful red bumps appear, and then further swelling.

Applying ice is still a good choice for treating a cold sore at this stage. You will find it helps reduce the pain and swelling, as well as discouraging the herpes virus from doing further damage.

Treating a cold sore with garlic oil at this stage is also very powerful. It is best to use fresh, live garlic. Cut or crush and apply to the area. Garlic is a strong anti-viral and will go right through the skin.


Once the sore breaks open, the virus has completed the damage and you now enter the healing phase.

Ice will slow down the healing process now, so discontinue it. Keep taking the lysine orally and continue the use of garlic.

At this stage start applying heat. It draws healing blood and oxygen to the sore for fast recovery. Using a hot tea bag is a great way to do this. You also gain some beneficial healing nutrients from the tea.

Do not use the microwave to heat up the tea bags as it destroys the nutrients in the tea. You can also drink some tea for internal benefits.

As with any wound, it is important to keep it as sterile as possible. Use alcohol or peroxide for this. After cleansing, apply the garlic oil then a warm tea bag for about 10 minutes.

After you apply heat, then finish up by applying Aloe Vera gel. This is an amazing repair gel for damaged skin and cells.

Your best choice for aloe vera gel is not from a bottle. You want fresh, active gel from a live plant. Many folks grow this plant in their home. You should too.


When treating a cold sore, use extreme caution so as not to spread the virus to other spots on you or someone else. People with a lip full of sores started with one and spread the rest.

Particularly dangerous is spreading the virus to your eyes. This can cause permanent eye damage.

While treating your cold sore, keep the area as sterile as possible and wash your hands thoroughly after each session. Keep in mind this is a contact virus that cannot spread by itself.

Cold sores occur on the end of your nerves. That is why they are so painful. Drug store remedies often contain deadening agents such as lidocaine. These do give some degree of relief.

Treating a cold sore is simple when you understand the different stages. Basically use cold when the sore is developing and warmth when it is healing. Keep the sore clean and wash your hands frequently while treating a cold sore.

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